It’s the third week of August. I’m not really ready for Summer season to end. You’re probably not either.

-I’m not ready for my hair to carefully turn a dingy blonde. Blah. -I want to keep wearing my swimsuit all day and night over the weekends. -I just like the farmer’s marketplace and almost all their delightful cheap make. In any case I’ve decided I have to make the others of this Summer monthsRead more

Vegetarian Calabacitas Quesadillas

Quesadilla time! I was seeking through my blog page archives the other day and realized that We haven’t made a quesadilla formula in century. Okay century might be a little bit of an exaggeration; if we’re being technical, it has been two years. 2 YRS since tortillas and mozzarella cheese danced on my tongue inRead more

Dairy Free + Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Bean Glaze

Bake Cinnamon Rolls Time. Just kidding. It’s actually Mother’s Day time, but if I was a mother it would also be called BAKE ME CINNAMON ROLLS Day time. There can’t be many things better than waking up to the smell of yeasty dough baking with tips of cinnamon and glucose. Especially if they’re offered warmRead more

Right now I’m on the airplane to Utah, heading to Solitude Vacation resort in Park Town for a beautiful ski trip. It’s funny, I don’t remember the last time I went skiing. Probably 7th quality? I don’t remember being too terrible so maybe I’ll pick it right back up again. Or I’ll simply fall on my ass and enjoy a really good workout. In any event, it’s going to be a blast.

And honestly, I’m so excited for the rest of December! Lots of cookie cooking, a vacation to Florida and Minnesota for Christmas. A few strategies for building homemade nut butters: 1.) Add coconut essential oil for any creamier texture. If you discover that your nut butter isn’t as creamy as you would like, feel freeRead more

Last week I was walking residential from my normal morning hours workout and suddenly smelled an overpowering bagel aroma in the surroundings.

My goodness, have you ever had that happen to you? It’s a classic breakfast phoning like no additional and therefore made my abdomen rumble for another 20 minutes. Throughout the rest of the day, I held thinking about bagels and couldn’t prevent. Actually, I couldn’t also recall the last time I had fashioned a bagel.Read more

They finally settled on Monique Noella.

It’s feminine edition of my Grandfather’s name. He’s a pretty cool guy! Noella, is really a combination of Noel in the spirit of Xmas, and Ella, my great grandmother’s name. Just some birthday facts. This past year continues to be completely amazing! To help make the next year just as great, I’ve believed up 23Read more

WHOLE WHEAT GRAINS Pineapple-Carrot Wedding cake Waffles with Maple Cream Mozzarella cheese Glaze + my trip to Traverse City, Michigan

In regards to a month ago, I attended #SharingbytheShore, a romantic food blogger retreat held in Traverse City, Michigan. Within the last year, I am to a few blogging retreats and usually had a confident experience; this trip was no different. You may be wondering why food bloggers have retreats. Well, it gives us theRead more

Creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta with Peas (vegan & gluten free of charge!)

7 ingredients is all you have to to create this easy creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta with lovely green peas. It could be made both vegan and gluten free of charge – therefore everyone can enjoy! Today I check out Israel for a little over weekly. I land in Tel Aviv after that head toRead more

We woke up early today eager to bake a banana breads. I silently mashed bananas in my own kitchen and viewed the sunshine creep with the windows. After all to be perfectly honest all I needed to do was start Jay-Z’s 99 problems, sing loudly and switch the lyrics to I acquired 99 problems but BANANA Loaf of bread AIN’T ONE!” Too poor my roommates had been still sleeping or it totally could have happened.

Now that I think about it I’m kinda happy I didn’t as I can’t state that rapping is among my talents. And when you don’t know who Jay-Z is usually then maybe we’ll just move ahead and talk about the real celebrity right here: Banana breads. With peaches. Annndddd cinnamon. A brown sugar topping asRead more

My plan would be to make them a big plate of green chile stew which apple crisp formula to them tonight. Spicy and sweet before we stuff ourselves foolish tomorrow. That’s the way I move.

I’m a big lover of apple crisp and the ease of making it. (Well, besides chopping and pieces the apples, of course.) I always find it to become the coziest of the convenience desserts; warm, filled with cinnamon spice and the best having a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. However the real issue hereRead more