Welcome to the brand new Year. Another fresh beginning! Sure to be the start of something wonderful.

Did the sunrise look different today? Was your entire day a little brighter? I bet you looked good. We woke up, threw my glasses in, and put my locks in a messy ponytail. I worked out and it sensed phenomenal. I chowed down on veggie mix fry for lunch time then came home and madeRead more

I cannot really show you how much I really like cookies. It’s just this sense that is present deep inside my soul. Wouldn’t you agree that a good chocolate chip cookie recipe is all you really need sometimes? It solves a crisis, cures a bad day time and certainly warms your house having a golden, sweet chocolate aroma like no additional.

Really though, how can you describe the smell of a chocolate chip cookie baking? I can’t. My only thoughts are that I’d like to container it up and inhale the sweetness whenever it’s deemed necessary. Today’s formula just happens to be for all of my AK visitors who have a cookie infatuation as strong seeingRead more

Butternut Squash and Kale Salad with Pomegranate, Toasted Almonds + Goat Cheese

Well, here we have been! It is officially fall. We woke up the other morning hours and noticed a handful of golden yellow leaves falling to the ground. Do you remember collecting those whenever you were younger? I do. In any case, the morning air continues to be brisk and great. I’ve been opening ourRead more

Green things! Finally, correct?

Read more

Oh hi Monday, you’re here again. Have you got your glass of joe? Probably paired with a big bowl of steaming sizzling hot oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast time? Me too.

I got back from Nantucket last night and all I wanted to do was make a few healthy meals for the week. Personally I’ve found that the secret to maintaining a successful weight reduction is usually to be ready when it comes to food; always easier in theory though, right? Right. I’m really attempting myRead more

30-tiny Spicy Thai Peanut Chicken & Sugary Potato Noodle Stir Fry

Let me introduce you to my new favorite dinner. I’m certain it’s the best because I couldn’t stop slurping the peanut butter coated special potato noodles out of my bowl. I licked that bowl clean as if you wouldn’t believe. You know there is no stopping me with regards to that PB. And ummm yesRead more

Without a doubt about this guy I used to date.

He was nice, fun and quite interesting. Adventurous, too! Regrettably, he was also incredibly challenging. Quite frankly, he annoyed me a significant bit… however in that great sort of way. Does that make sense? Anyway no very difficult feelings there. The idea I’m obtaining across is that my romantic relationship with him is quite comparableRead more

Sometimes in life you do issues you aren’t proud of. Like that time I went to Chick-Fil-A and ordered their poultry nuggets because I had been starving. At the moment little chicken breast nuggets (bites of child years joy) dipped in BBQ sauce sounded completely tremendous. Just what a mistake which was! The chicken nuggets were covered within a ridiculous amount grease (I literally had butterfingers) as well as the breading wasn’t crispy, but rather soggy. The complete meal simply tasted like hydrogenated natural oils. I experienced like I used to be committing a crime against my heart.

BUT let me tell you something even more disturbing: We ate them anyway. Ew… I understand. Perhaps since it was one of those days where I was really hungry, stressed, and greasy chicken nuggets appeared to rationalize hating my work. All I needed was just a little bite of comfort and ease… but even loadingRead more

I have no idea why but drinking a large cup of hot cocoa before bed makes me incredibly happy. Just one of my newfound obsessions. Other activities I’m into lately consist of cinnamon roasted almonds, smiling at everyone I find, working out to the song , and avoiding traffic all the time. At one point this week I was contemplating buying a bus so I could ride the shoulder. It was the only alternative I could think about until I discovered the DC Metro. Very good news: since I won’t be investing in a bus, you remain safe on the road.

Besides that I’ve been mega busy! Get together fabulous new friends, training at 5am (it has to be performed), and focusing on my 23 items list I’ve got a few checked off. It’s restaurant week in DC aswell, which means I finally got to knowledge lobster for the first time. Baklava as well! Finally theRead more

Chai spices get this to almond hazelnut butter recipe taste like your preferred chai tea latte. Spread it on toast, fruits or stuff it in lovely potatoes for the ultimate treat.

Every night while i go to bed I think about food combinations. I’m not really joking. Pairing meals combinations together ultimately lull me right into a beautiful sleep. In fact since we got our bed from Helix , I am sleeping such as a true angel! But I have noticed that my dreams have grownRead more