This last weekend was tough! I had been in the midst of a juice cleanse and could not stop considering how much I needed a salad how big is my encounter. Or grilled fish with a glass of wine accompanied by some Fro Yo with major amounts of sprinkles and pink-frosted pet crackers.

Then to create matters worse, I watched The Food Network again. They were playing Red Lobster commercials which nearly caused me to drool on myself. I assume you could state my cravings had been pretty ridiculous; then again it was probably my own mistake for viewing Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. There is very good newsRead more

You men know I’m a peanut butter lover forever. After all whoever thought of grinding a nut right into a magical spread is a FREAKING genius!

I literally slather peanut butter about everything around the corner. I dream of it. I also awaken with peanut butter sandwiches next to my bed. Yeah, don’t also ask. Know what else I’m mind over heels deeply in love with? Almond butter! It’s ridiculously simple and perfect on muffins, pancakes, and in chickpea blondies AfterRead more

Vegetarian Calabacitas Quesadillas

Quesadilla time! I was seeking through my blog page archives the other day and realized that I haven’t made a quesadilla recipe in century. Okay century might be a little bit of an exaggeration; if we’re being technical, it has been two years. 2 YRS since tortillas and parmesan cheese danced on my tongue inRead more

Do you like sugar cookies? I really do. Except I’m more of a enthusiast of the smooth version in the store. You know the kind that’s loaded with thick frosting and simply melts in your mouth once you have a bite? Gahhh, must withstand.

Since I have a few relatives and buddies associates who are gluten free, I started thinking about the type of cookies they’d be enjoying this holidays. I feel like right now there aren’t way too many festive dishes out there and that’s a genuine bummer. I know many of my visitors are gluten free ofRead more

Hello and welcome to stressville. Our house present was accepted this weekend and we’re in the midst of coordinating inspections, lawyer charges and contracts. I’m really thrilled though and for the most part I’ve been handling it like I normally would aka baking all the things and forgetting about my real world responsibilities.

Anyway, while I’m off in la la property (and possibly taking a few days off from blogging), I needed to offer a recipe for HEALTHY fudge. It’s actual, dreamy and also tastes like the actual deal. Plus just 4 ingredients are involved! Tell me: Have you ever endured a dreamy healthy fudge before? I’m uncertainRead more

Are you ready for some pumpkin?! I am waiting for it just like a kid on Christmas morning. And I assume you actually don’t have a choice because right here I am shoving this formula in your face. There is no turning back today: Pumpkin season has officially started on Ambitious Kitchen.

In fact, did you know my love for pumpkin is correct up top with my love for all things nut butter? I’ve always said that if I could choose my last meal on earth, it would be pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Does that produce me a basic bitch? Don’t answer that certain. Every yearRead more

During college I used to be deeply in love with a salad from a local restaurant. It was often refreshing, consistent, and filling! My greatest girlfriends and I ate it at least once weekly – it had been our favorite! I swear the waiters started to understand us by name, but that may have already been because we generally took a minimum of 10 from the free lollipops they set out in a large bucket. I don’t know why we believed free of charge meant endless supply?

Anyway purchasing dirty martinis and a chopped salad with no bacon and dressing privately was our tradition. I do have a little assistance for you personally: always consume food before martinis. Significantly remember that. Therefore, what’s a chopped salad anyway? It’s simply a salad which includes fresh make and things that have already been ‘chopped’Read more

Welcome to day 2 of zucchini week! Yesterday I gave you a delish bread recipe & today we’re all about cookies that taste like banana breads. Whoo hoo!

Since I couldn’t remember the final time I gave you a cookie recipe, I decided that today was your day to make it happen. We’re starting off with these BIG healthy VEGAN zucchini oatmeal cookies studded with ooey-gooey delicious chocolate chips, whole grains & banana. HELL YES! Dare I mention that these are healthy moreRead more

Tony got me a wonderful snow cream maker for my birthday last December and We finally place it to good make use of with this absolutely amazing vegan wild blueberry lavender coconut ice cream.

The very first time I ever had lavender ice cream was at Jeni’s within Chicago. It was a wonderful wildberry lavender flavor that was bright purple, special, floral and uber creamy. Probably one of the best ice creams that I’ve ever endured. Through the summertime, fruity snow creams are where it’s at. I used toRead more

Goat Parmesan cheese Stuffed Poultry Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash & Basil Gremolata Salad

Yes, I could. Yes, I’ll. Do you have this problem too? In that case, let’s practice the art of resistance together. It will likely be fun! Type of like a club. Except I’m not giving out fancy regular membership cards. Sorry to let you down like that. Seriously though! Not really baking is hard ifRead more