Besides my food shopping obsession, I have a few other little addictions.

One is the internet. Twitter specifically; I just love it! Also now that I’m finally getting an iPhone, (I cannot even discuss it), I’ll oftimes be bonkers obsessed with Instagram and every app that I’ll more than likely neglect what it’s prefer to function as a real human being. I mean, it’s already tough enoughRead more

First thing’s first: How was your Memorial Time Weekend? I hope you had the opportunity to relax and consume some delicious food.

Yes, I’m totally one particular people. I wish I possibly could say We instagrammed and ate this salmon this weekend, but that’s not truth. I actually made this dish almost a year ago and completely forgot about it until lately when I was strolling through my photos. Please forgive me! How could I deny youRead more

This last weekend was tough! I had been amid a juice cleanse and could not stop thinking about how much I needed a salad how big is my face. Or grilled seafood with one glass of wines accompanied by some Fro Yo with main amounts of sprinkles and pink-frosted pet crackers.

Then to make matters worse, I watched THE MEALS Network again. These were playing Crimson Lobster advertisements which nearly caused me to drool on myself. I guess you could state my cravings were pretty ridiculous; on the other hand it was most likely my own fault for viewing Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. There is veryRead more

Guess what I did on the weekend? Hopped on a plane to AZ to find out Tony for Easter! I didn’t really have it all planned but was getting together with Lee and raised the idea; she explained to just go for it so I booked a vacation, borrowed a few of her clothing and jetted off! I can’t tell you how incredible it had been to start to see the look on his face. Me being there was completely unexpected.

Here’s a bit more detail on what I was able to pull it off: While driving to his resort from the airport terminal, we chatted on the phone and I informed him I was going out for supper with a partner even while he was thinking that I used to be in Minnesota. He statedRead more

Hello from beautiful Scottsdale, AZ! Can I just say how great it feels to be in warm weather with out a headscarf, layer or mittens? I am craving warm sunshine on my skin since early Oct.

Don’t be concerned though, I’m sure all of those other country will capture up shortly. March ‘s almost here, which for me means patio season, rooftop bars, farmer’s marketplaces, biking along Lake Michigan, working outside, berries and ALL OF THE SMOOTHIES… My love for smoothies has been wicked strong since in the past this yearRead more

Kidding… kinda.

Anyway this whole Zac Efron issue stemmed from viewing The Lucky One for the next time. I know, poor film choice. The only excuse I can come up with is that ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION is around the corner and I just so are actually a sucker for anything passionate. Therefore sue me! Besides good-looking men,Read more

Healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffins made with whole wheat flour, new SweeTango® apples and chai spices. Completed with a light vanilla bean glaze for a particular treat!

Whew! I’m finally back in Chicago after a crazy couple of days in Minneapolis with Lee and Katie. I believe I’ve mentioned several times that I’m focusing on an exciting fresh project for the Perspiration Series! Don’t worry, we’ll be letting you in on all of the details soon but basically it will be theRead more

We woke up early today wanting to bake a banana breads. I silently mashed bananas in my own kitchen and viewed the sunshine creep through the windows. After all to be properly honest all I wanted to do was turn on Jay-Z’s 99 problems, sing loudly and change the lyrics to I got 99 complications but BANANA Breads AIN’T ONE!” Too poor my roommates had been still sleeping or it totally could have happened.

Now that I think about it I’m kinda pleased I didn’t as I can’t state that rapping is one of my talents. And if you don’t understand who Jay-Z is then maybe we’ll just move on and talk about the real celebrity right here: Banana loaf of bread. With peaches. Annndddd cinnamon. A dark brownRead more

At this time I’m on a aircraft to Utah, heading to Solitude Vacation resort in Park City for a lovely skiing trip. It’s funny, I don’t remember the last period I went skiing. Probably 7th quality? I don’t remember being too terrible so probably I’ll pick it right back up again. Or I’ll just fall on my ass and revel in a really good workout. In any event, it will likely be a blast.

And honestly, I’m thus excited for the others of December! Lots of cookie baking, a secondary to Florida and Minnesota for Christmas. A few strategies for making homemade nut butters: 1.) Add coconut oil for any creamier texture. If you discover that your nut butter isn’t as creamy as you would do pigs like feet,Read more

Last night We asked Tony what his preferred cake was and he responded with I don’t know.

Ummmm pardon me? How will you not know very well what your favorite cake is? For me personally cake all depends over the occasion. For example, on birthdays I prefer a rich, moist chocolate cake firmly for the delicious chocolate buttercream. For everything else, I choose carrot wedding cake. Carrot cake is like the JenniferRead more