How do you feel about polenta? Have you ever tried it? If not, here’s your chance for a fabulous introduction!

Honestly, I didn’t start loving polenta until probably around four years ago. My college-aged self was never subjected to the delightfulness of the taste or texture. From the shame actually, but since my discovery I’ve relished in polenta centered dishes. These days it’s easy to run into polenta in restaurants or within the millions ofRead more

ONCE I was younger, my mother used to create me the best burritos. All she do was place refried coffee beans, cheese, and hot sauce within a whole wheat tortilla. She’d warm them until the mozzarella cheese was perfectly melted, warm and gooey. The creamy consistency of the refried coffee beans using the melty parmesan cheese was always my favorite kind of comfort food; so basic, yet so dang good. We’d happily enjoy our giant burritos together for the couch while watching movies.

I remember noticing she’d usually eat her burritos with avocado pieces that were sprinkled with sodium and pepper. Affirmed, it didn’t consider me long to obtain hooked on that. The creaminess of the avocado blended with parmesan cheese and beans? Well, it was perfection. Those memories came back if you ask me, and I madeRead more

Tony is here (Minnesota) visiting me before we leave to Chicago for a couple weeks. He’s likely to help me look for apartments in order that I can possibly make a move to the windy city! I’m beyond excited, but I really need to find a great place with a nice kitchen, so fingertips crossed.

Since I know that I’ll be gone from my kitchen for a few weeks, I need to get caught up on formula development. That means that piles of cookies, ALL THE THINGS pumpkin and of course, plenty of muffins. We made these several days ago and could not get enough. Tony taste tested all ofRead more

How many situations will you drive in your car, laugh at a joke, or hold someone’s hands?

How many situations will you fall in love, kiss a stranger, or dance in front of the mirror? How many lattes do you want to order, glasses of wine do you want to beverage, or pizza do you want to eat? How many evenings will you live to remember? AND How many licks would itRead more

Vegan Detox Green Monster Smoothie with kale, strawberry, cucumber, & banana

Do you discover it really difficult to eat healthy when Fall comes around? I do. I blame it within the excessive pumpkin spice latte advertisements that make me wish to cuddle up on the couch watching The Notebook while probably feeding on eat a pumpkin pie pop-tart. Please tell me I’m not the only one?Read more

OH MY GOODNESS. These pubs. No seriously, theeeeeseeeee bars.

Anyway, leaving my day obsession and onto these ridiculously mouth watering ooey-gooey bars that I created in partnership with Peapod In the event that you remember, I am developing fun dishes for them over the past few months for their new site It has been wonderful to encourage others to stage into the kitchen andRead more

I’m getting to the idea today. This breads can be downright sensational. My goodness, I’m in love with it! I cooked two loaves this weekend, and now sincerely hold the believe that it’s a bit magical.

Most of my banana loaf of bread recipes are healthy, make use of minimal sugar, no butter/essential oil, and concentrate on substitutes. I wanted this bread to are categorized as that category aswell; however, I experienced never attempted whole wheat grains in banana bread, nor unrefined sweeteners therefore i figured I would try something brand-new.Read more