The pie continues to be eaten.

The Peanut Butter Glass Banana Bread can’t be produced into french toast for breakfast time. Tragic! Now that the holiday season are almost more than, we’ve got to obtain our skinny about. Let’s get enthusiastic about oats, nuts, and fruit! Granola is the picture of health, right? Before we put our skinny jeans on, let’sRead more

Flourless Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies with Sea Salt vegan, gluten-free & healthy

Have you ever spent thus enough time or energy on something, and then realize it wasn’t even worth it? It’s similar to when you bake a cake and absolutely hate the outcome. Or whenever you time someone for too long simply to end up being disappointed or hurt. Sometimes it could even be whenever youRead more

Did you know banana loaf of bread was probably the most searched meals on Google this past year? For reals. There’s something comforting in regards to a cut fresh in the oven and paired with your morning coffee. I prefer mine offered warm and spread having a creamy nut butter. How about you?

Due to my obsession of cooking with bananas, I’ve a number of recipes about AK devoted to banana loaf of bread. I decided to circular up several healthy banana breads favorites you need to include others I’ve been eyeing up from across the internets. Below you’ll find recipes for each and every dietary need andRead more

Homemade pecan butter sweetened with handful of maple syrup, vanilla, and spiced with cinnamon. This nice and salty combo is going to be your new preferred to pass on on toast.

Do you like pecan pie? How about toasty, nutty pecans together with coffee cake? Or those cinnamon-sugar pecans around Christmas time? Mmmm totally yes. A few times ago, I had been strolling around Investor Joe’s looking into every one of the new products when I pointed out that there actually weren’t that lots of nutRead more

Do you ever find yourself eating pancakes at 10pm, cuddled within the couch watching Netflix, even while being on your pc and listening to music?

Call me a multitasker. Or maybe I have Put? Hell, it’s 1am and I’m just getting started upon this post. Plus I’ve almost 20 tabs open on Chrome. But the point of the isn’t to tell you about how exactly of a evening owl I am or debate about my inability to focus. It’s aboutRead more

Incidentally? Have I told you about my obsession with sloppy joes? Goodness, they are by far among my absolute favorite comfort foods. Therefore saucy, an easy task to make and nostalgic. Producing them healthy is a breeze too which means you better contribute that can of Manwich to the neighborhood food shelf because from producing your very own sauce is much even more delicious. My fundamental sloppy joe sauce are available here Lip smackin’ good, no doubt about it.

So what I did so here was most quite simple. I pigs feet cooked up some turkey and made my own sloppy J sauce with some ketchup (the good kind like Muir Glen), some low-sugar bbq sauce (anything significantly less than 40 calorie consumption per 2 tbsps is usually good), mustard, worschershire, tomato sauce, andRead more

Last week We spent time up in Chicago looking for an apartment. And after checking out about 15 different places, I finally discovered one that I absolutely adore! It’s super classic and will fit all of my furniture which I’m pumped about. But would you like to understand the very best component about my new place? It has a DISHWASHER. Hallelujah!

I’ve spent the past year washing each and every dish and it was literally my problem. Also, this apartment building allows me to have felines, which OMG YES I’ll be a kitty lady and I can’t freaking waitttttt. I keep begging Tony to bring me Pig Feet How To Cook the pet humane society simplyRead more

Spicy Nice Potato Dark Bean Burgers with avocado-cilantro crema + sprouts

Hello Monday. Hello delicious small veggie burgers that I want to devour. I’m currently on a juice cleanse. I’ve performed one before, so it is not really a shock to my program. However staring at pictures of the burgers is making me so starving. GIVE Me personally DAT BURGA. With a part of nice potatoRead more

Deep Dish French Silk Pie with Hazelnut Oreo Cookie Crust

Although this is a mainly healthy, clean eating focused food blog, my naughty side loves all things special. AND I am a believer in the art of moderation in delicious nice and treats, that’s why I began my regular Indulge! series, which focuses on bringing you tempting, decadent recipes that are perfect for parties, impressingRead more

Astounding grain-free, paleo coconut flour pancakes served with fresh crazy blueberry maple syrup!

I’m so thrilled because today I get to pick up Tony from your airport. We have a fun couple of days prepared in Chicago, then I’ll be headed back to Alabama with him for another about a week. He usually under no circumstances gets any time off during the period so we will soak upRead more