Of course you are!

I actually made these brownies on snapchat a couple weeks ago (username: ambitiouskitch) and saw that several of you ended up building them and tagging me on Insta. This is offering me some incentive to post even more Snapchat recipes and not simply movies of my cat drinking water out of a tea cup. ByRead more

A delicious smoothie made out of wild blueberries, banana, almond dairy and spinach to get a nutritional boost. Completed with a sprinkle of chia seeds for a wholesome dosage of omega-3.

Hello. I want to proceed to tell you about how strange I am. Last night I had formed this out of control craving for broccoli following my workout. Simply steamed broccoli with ocean sodium and pepper. Quite absurd actually, but I totally had to have it. So off to focus on I went. Except youRead more

All I possibly could consider last week was peanut butter and jelly variations.

Peanut butter jelly breakfast time toast with extra crunchy chia seed products. Peanut butter on the peanut butter bagel (omg). Peanut butter and clean strawberries spread on banana muffins. Peanut butter and jelly stuffed french toast. Peanut butter and jelly forever and ever. It’s funny, but PB&J doesn’t feel just like a nostalgic meals toRead more

Some time ago, Tony and I had the chance to go to Pensacola, Florida where we’d the very best truffle fries on earth. The heavenly popular fries were full of garlic and truffle taste, melted in your mouth and acquired this beautiful crusty golden external that I simply couldn’t get over.

I actually finally reached my French fry heaven. Among my weaknesses in lifestyle. Yours too? Great, because I’ve got the absolute BEST baked french fries on the planet for you to devour… After tasting the golden brown crispy little loves in Pensacola, I fell head over heels for truffle oil. In fact, I ended upRead more

Write it down! Savor it. Close your eyes, reveal and smile for a moment.

The truth is, you’ve got to enjoy it all. Cherish it actually. That is your history; these will become your recollections forever. Celebrate with turkey, wines, and good pie! Drink and eat for your accomplishments and other’s ambitions! Don’t forget to take plenty of snapshots. Make sure to remember it. These moments won’t come again.Read more

Hi! I’m so excited to FINALLY post this recipe!

This past week continues to be completely crazy! I flew to New York to meet up and cook with Bobby Flay at his cafe! Whattt?! I understand! My dessert was selected by Fage Total Greek Yogurt to be served at their event. They changed Bobby’s restaurant Mesa Grill right into a beautiful Pop-up Basic KitchenRead more

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Oatmeal Cookies (made with coconut oil!)

Before Tony and We started officially dating, I baked him four different batches of cookies and shipped these to him within the cutest wrapped Martha Stewart boxes I purchased off Amazon. I considered to myself, if this guy wants cookies, he’s going to get some good damn good cookies. I stayed until the wee hoursRead more

Comforting & Healthy Slow Cooker Poultry Noodle Soup (with a hint of lemon & rosemary)

I actually vote both. Of course, I am aware how awful a raging cool can be. When I was youthful and frequently sick and tired, my Mom made me the best soups filled with spices, herbs, more fresh vegetables and noodles. They were easy, inexpensive and a great way to get nutrients in once youRead more

Oh hi! I must confess that my usual breakfasts don’t consist of pancakes or anything quite unique. Typically I’ll fry an egg or two, or appreciate an on the go protein shake.

FLASHBACK to my glittery college years: I recall sitting down using a bowl of oatmeal or even a peanut butter and strawberry jelly toasted English muffin and enjoying breakfast while reading in our college breakfast time nook. I’d soak in the tastes for an excellent 30 minutes because at that time in my existence, breakfastRead more

When I was little my Dad used to throw the ultimate backyard BBQs. From nice corn over the cob with honey butter and sodium to his famous picnic salads, Father was the man who knew steps to make you smile with a Dixie paper plate full of your favorite colorful summer meals. I remember sitting on checkered picnic blankets with my cousins once we held juicy watermelon wedges and patiently waited for the others of our food.

As I got older I begun to crave Dad’s salads; my favorites being his tuna noodle salad with fresh nice peas and his tangy special dilly cucumber salad. The tuna noodle salad was made cooking with pigs feet baby circular noodles and frequently eaten direct from the bowl using a spoon. The cucumber salad wasRead more