Every week on Instagram I’m posting some fresh photo of muffins that I’ve baked. You’d believe I’m running some sort of bakery from my house but nope, only a huge fan of compact little flavor bombs for breakfast time.

And pigs Feet yes, I just referred to muffins as compact taste bombs”… Who the hell am I? Do you know who I want I had been? Beyonce. After all did you men see her yesterday evening through the half-time present? What a goddess! Significantly, can someone simply show me how exactly to jump aroundRead more

Of course you are!

I actually made these brownies on snapchat a couple weeks ago (username: ambitiouskitch) and saw that several of you ended up building them and tagging me on Insta. This is offering me some incentive to post even more Snapchat recipes and not simply movies of my cat drinking water out of a tea cup. ByRead more

How To Convert A WAV To An Apple Lossless

Why would anybody wish to convert Apple Lossless information to MP3? Furthermore, ALAC files are very massive, so by changing to MP3 you can scale back their measurement. This isn’t the case with ALAC, which is supported largely by Apple units (iPod, iPad, iPhone). First of all, MP3 is a very popular format supported byRead more


It is noteworthy that ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) is saved inside an MP4 container with the filename extensionm4a. Movement ensures that the observe disliked by the person by no means comes up within the checklist. The most appealing thing about this finest Android music participant is the circulate attribute. On hitting the detest button,Read more


You will forgive the truth that this part is slightly lengthy, but it surely takes a little bit of clarification. DSD information are…totally different. IThey upends the principles of standard music. But as you’re about to find out, they’re one thing you really need to experience. You may completely skip it if all you wantRead more

Dad, alternatively, was quite definitely into comfort meals. Each Weekend, we’d sit back and enjoy a huge batch of Dad’s fried chicken, sweet corn, the creamiest mashed potatoes and if we were lucky, smooth rolls. Sometimes green beans were included too. Oh and cake! There was generally wedding cake or pie for dessert; usually yellow wedding cake with rich, thick chocolate buttercream or my Grandma’s favorite creamy lemon meringue pie. Yes we loved, loved, adored our sweets.

There are lots of days while i wonder what it would be prefer to cook and bake for him today. I bet his big blue eyes would light with delight if I made him this poultry tamale pie; I understand it could remind him of Mom’s cooking food that he cherished so quite definitely. LookingRead more

A delicious smoothie made out of wild blueberries, banana, almond dairy and spinach to get a nutritional boost. Completed with a sprinkle of chia seeds for a wholesome dosage of omega-3.

Hello. I want to proceed to tell you about how strange I am. Last night I had formed this out of control craving for broccoli following my workout. Simply steamed broccoli with ocean sodium and pepper. Quite absurd actually, but I totally had to have it. So off to focus on I went. Except youRead more

Cooked Turkey Parmesan Meatballs with Rigatoni and Chunky Tomato Basil Sauce

Too much? Okay, reeling it back in for a moment for a genuine time chat about my meatball obsession. As many of you might or might not understand, I normally do not consume meat or pork. From the rare occasion that I’ll possess a cheeseburger or ham; usually only on vacations or holidays. Sometimes IRead more


Sorry, all caps – only really excited right here. There are so many more recipes I plan to make from the spiralized Loaded Potatoes with BBQ Sauce (hello football parties) towards the California Roll Sushi Bowl (OMG it has a ginger peanut dressing). Make sure you buy the book in order to enjoy these besideRead more

A couple of years ago, Joanna from A Cup of Jo published pictures to my most well-known cookie I’ve ever placed on my blog ( Nutella-stuffed chocolates chip cookies !). Instantly my site crashed, and folks came with the masses to create my so called life-changing cookie”. It was clear to see why: dark brown butter, brown glucose cookie dough, Nutella, chocolate chips, and ocean salt; everything a cookie ought to be and so much more. It was the first cookie I ever baked my boyfriend and something of the reasons we dropped in love (cookies can do this, you understand!). The dough is rich and includes a slight butterscotch taste that I believe can’t be resisted.

Three years later and that Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookie is still my most popular recipe during the holidays, one which stands out on a healthy meal and wholesome dessert blog, and for good reason. This year Joanna asked me to share a recipe on her behalf site with something chocoaltey. I understand how much sheRead more