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  VI THE LOVERS   In a fit of passion, two men lock lips on the table in the kitchen. Their love is their own, and they are in harmony with each other in that moment. The world outside is forgotten.They don’t care about the dinner still on the stove, or the drinks on theRead more


Hey everyone, Work this month has been intense, but the good news is the art for all the cards of deck is finally complete! YEY! Right now, I am completing the work on the accompanying booklet that will hold all the meanings of the cards and how to interpret them. I appreciate all of yourRead more


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XXV THE HEAT   In Louisiana, there is nothing more universal to the life than the heat. 100% humidity and sweltering heat transcend every season, making the very air feel oppressive. The South can never be divided from such calefaction. But even under the pressure of the sweltering rays of the sun, there there areRead more


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XXIV THE HURRICANE   The sky may be clear and blue today, but the forecast shows it out there in the gulf, churning ever closer to landfall. The Hurricane is coming, and there is nothing you can do to stop the destruction it brings. The hurricane is a card reflects on the damaging forces inRead more


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XXIII MARDI GRAS   Mardi Gras is in full swing, and everyone has turned out to join in the party. Costumed revelers roam the streets, ignoring the parade float behind them. They don’t need a crowd of spectators to be on parade. The glittery night is theirs, and it embraces them with open arms. TheRead more


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V HIEROPHANT   A crowd seeks the words of a wise man at the pulpit. The words he tells them give the people a sense of community, tradition, and moral direction, though only if they conform to the life the hierophant demands. To the people, he is resolute, enlightened, empowered by his Southern conviction. ButRead more


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IV THE EMPEROR   The Emperor Gatorman, adorned with his crown of straw, sits on his log in the dark of the swamp. He is the oldest creature there that he has met, and has seen many battles, won through the toughness of his skin and the sharpness of his fangs. He rules the swampRead more