My favorite method to eat meals come early july is by means of grilling. Also known as the easiest way to produce a delicious meal.

Here’s something I discovered recently: Did you know that it is possible to place a may of baked coffee beans right on the grill? Tony trained me this technique and I was completely impressed. All you need to do is usually open up the can, take away the label, after that put on the barbequeRead more

Happy Labor Day, friends! I hope that your savoring your day off – whatever which means to suit your needs. I really don’t have any special plans. Maybe a Mariah Carey jam sesh and cookie baking, but nothing extraordinary.

But I’m super excited for tomorrow because Tony is officially done with football and I’m getting excited about having him back home. Despite the fact that our Fall a few months are going to be jam-packed with shifting, redecorating, painting, concerts and trips; I can’t wait to do it all with him. All of theRead more

Whole Wheat Delicious chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with Salted Day Caramel

Ohhhh hiiii. It has been a whirlwind previous few weeks because of moving. Personally i think horrible because I haven’t been able to give the blog and writing the love it most certainly deserves. For the present time, there’s cookies though. And cookies are always the solution when you don’t even know the actual questionRead more

Roasted Garlic Basil Pesto Potatoes with Arugula from Oh She Glows Every Day

How was your weekend? We transferred into our brand-new place and I’m freaking worn out. This girl is certainly looking for a mini holiday. Just the various other week I recieved Angela’s new cookbook Oh She Glows EACH DAY If you’re unfamiliar with the blog Oh She Glows , now’s enough time! Oh She GlowsRead more

I’m amid looking for a new house in Chicago, mainly because Let me have an workplace instead of employed in my dining room on a regular basis.

Personally I find that moving is among the most unenjoyable things. I mean, I still haven’t completely unpacked my suitcase from three weeks hence. I KNOW I’m totally that kind of person. How frustrating. I should actually just go in there and unpack RIGHT NOW… but I recall I’m journeying for the rest of theRead more

I’m on vacation right now. Except I’m still in Minnesota… spending some time with someone special. I’ll have to fill up you in on that afterwards. It’s a fairly cute tale. But let’s simply say, I’m incredibly happy. Yesterday we went to the apple orchard and I’m expecting to create an apple pie or my greatest apple crisp. Tonight we’re producing my favorite turkey meatballs (make them!).

With this mini staycation, it’s been great to have a break from the web and blogging. In fact, I recently damaged my iPhone display screen therefore while it’s becoming repaired, I don’t have usage of Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Initially I didn’t know very well what to accomplish but found myself actually attending toRead more

I am hoping your weekend was as lovely as ever. I spent Saturday morning rowing 21,000+ meters (a half marathon) at Iron & Oar , an area Chicago workout studio. Honestly I had only rowed probably once before registering for the half marathon. Uncertain what I was considering, but I’m content that I focused on it. Not only was the competition in fact fun, but my hip and legs hurt in the best way. That sounds odd, but if you love a good hard workout guess what happens I mean. Greatest however, we got 3rd place and didn’t actually train! WHOOP!

After the race, I enjoyed a huge cheat meal with Tony, followed by two of the chocolate peanut butter truffles which were waiting patiently for me in the freezer. I’m obsessed with the crispy, crunchy consistency and how they resemble the taste of peanut butter cup. Traditional peanut butter truffles usually demand powdered sugar, butterRead more

Seriously though, everyone loves an excellent crunchy, properly salted tortilla chip. They very easily total sandwiches, make turkey chili 10x better than it currently is and so are actually the perfect friend to guacamole.

AFTER I was we were young, there have been several ‘staple’ grocery items my Mom generally purchased: sesame bagels with salted butter, crunchy carrots with hummus, leafy greens, and… tortilla potato chips! She always acquired a bag of chips open and prepared to become devoured. #ChipAddictSince1993 Today, I want to introduce you to a newRead more

I understand what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about the title of the post. But before I could explain it, I must let you know something.

I’m completely jealous at this time. Like green eyed filled with envy jealousy. The blogger that inspired me to generate my very own blog, Emily from SugarPlum , does something that food bloggers only dream about… She’s cooking with Giada De Laurentiis! Big congrats Emily, you are worthy of it! I really like Giada. She’sRead more

Today appears like a soup time, don’t you think that?

I’ve been sick with a cool for the past few days, therefore soup has really been the thing desirable. That and it’s really been snowing in Chicago once again, which means I don’t like to leave the house unless I’ll workout. I’m serious. There have been too many situations this Winter where I haven’t beenRead more