I hopped inside a trip at 4am Thursday morning hours to Denver for a meeting, still left that evening to soar to Kansas Town therefore i could speak at ChoppedCon , then finally flew house Friday afternoon. Hence why I skipped my weekend favorites. But here we are, slightly delayed.

Anyway, Most of you most likely know that we moved into our first home just over a week ago. (It has been a CRAZY week.) Before the move we produced an effort to get rid of most of our home furniture; it helped enormously. However now I’m tasked with filling our fresh place with allRead more

Cooked Turkey Parmesan Meatballs with Rigatoni and Chunky Tomato Basil Sauce

Too much? Okay, reeling it back in for a moment for a genuine time chat about my meatball obsession. As many of you might or might not understand, I normally do not consume meat or pork. From the rare occasion that I’ll possess a cheeseburger or ham; usually only on vacations or holidays. Sometimes IRead more

This month has been wonderful. I took time off after stopping my job, sought out a new apartment in Chicago, continued a mini vacation with Tony, spent time with good friends I haven’t observed in a while and have really gotten back to running.

Last week We ran about 15 mls, which really isn’t very much but I have already been only training every other day time (if that), so I felt pretty proud of myself. The MapMyRun app on my phone has me dependent on timing my runs and contending with myself. I’ve also gotten Tony to performRead more

I have no idea why but drinking a large glass of hot cocoa before bed makes me incredibly happy. One among my newfound obsessions. Other things I’m into recently consist of cinnamon roasted almonds, smiling at everyone I discover, working out to the song , and staying away from traffic all the time. At one point this week I used to be contemplating investing in a bus therefore i could trip the shoulder. It was the only alternative I could think about until I discovered the DC Metro. Good news: since I will not be purchasing a bus, you are still safe on the road.

Besides that I am mega busy! Getting together with fabulous new close friends, working out at 5am (it has to be completed), and working on my 23 items list I’ve got a few checked off. It’s cafe week in DC as well, which means We finally got to encounter lobster for the first time. BaklavaRead more

Chia Chocolates Chip Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies gluten free & packed with omega-3!

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with good eats and lots of period with Tony; it was his last weekend back before he heads out for springtime teaching down in Arizona. I’m surprised at how fast the off period has truly gone. It feels as though I just shifted to Chicago, but I’m soRead more

Peanut Butter M&M Brownies with Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting

Finding what you trust in is important. Diving into points that produce you joyful is vital. Beauty is everything you make it. There’s no question that the items I find beautiful will vary from you. Why is me laugh you might find absurd. The actual fact that I possibly could spend a whole day inRead more

Imagine fudgy paleo brownies made out of pumpkin, maple syrup, coconut flour and almond flour! These easy, healthy brownies will be the ultimate fall treat.

A big hi there from Minneapolis, MN! I’m right here working on a BIG BIG BIG task that’s collection to launch January 2017. I don’t believe I could possess a busier next couple of months, between decorating our new home, redoing my personal blog, launching a new project, client function AND concluding my cookbook proposal,Read more

Vegetarian stuffed poblano peppers packed with salsa, sugary potato, corn and black beans. Easy, minimal elements and HEALTHY!

We spent Xmas in Minnesota with some of my family members. Honestly, I didn’t response emails or pay attention to my site for a second. The thing I did so was cradle in with the wood-burning fire, bake cookies, chop vegetables and laugh until I couldn’t any longer. Most of it was due to wines,Read more

Oops! I forgot to do a post on my July favorites!

Instead I wanted to capture you up on my entire life; what I’m doing, focusing on, and loving! Most of this calls for food. Obviously. We haven’t had a nice recipe for FAR too long. How rude of me. Butter + glucose + plenty of like in forms of cakes and cookies just around theRead more

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Delicious chocolate Chip Lentil Blondies vegan, gluten free, healthy

WAIT. WHAT? LENTILS inside a dessert? You think I’m crazy? Weird? Cute? Maybe it’s a combo. We’ll reach this dessert soon. First off, it’s Friday! I actually haven’t slept all freaking week. I desire I had been kidding. I am finding your way through the start of a brand new site for function and soRead more