Just last week I was thinking about donuts again and then I realized that I’ve had these beauties in my own drafts since last October. Yep, over 6 months ago.

Memory issues? Maybe. Or maybe I simply had too many other delicious what to post in the past. I’ll really never know, I’m just sorry these didn’t come sooner because THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD. Here’s the lowdown. Since I put the formula and photos waiting in the drafts, I needed completely forgotten about howRead more

Kidding… kinda.

Anyway this entire Zac Efron matter stemmed from watching The Lucky One for the second time. I understand, poor film choice. The only excuse I could come up with is that ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION is around the corner and I just so happen to be a sucker for anything romantic. Therefore sue me! Besides good-lookingRead more

I cannot really show you just how much I love cookies. It’s just this sense that is present deep inside my soul. Wouldn’t you concur that a good chocolates chip cookie recipe is whatever you really need occasionally? It solves an emergency, cures a poor day and certainly warms your home having a golden, sweet chocolate aroma like no various other.

Really even though, how would you describe the smell of the chocolate chip cookie baking? I can’t. My only thoughts are that I’d like to bottle it up and inhale the sweetness whenever it’s deemed necessary. Today’s recipe just is actually for all of my AK readers who’ve a cookie infatuation while strong as mine.Read more

I hope you’d a great 4th of July with your relatives and buddies!

I did! Summer cocktails were flowing, potato salad was piled high, burgers were chowed on, mozzarella cheese and crackers were consumed, and the wedding cake was gone; it was a day filled with endless eating. Actually, I caught myself mindless munching all day. And now that my brain realizes what transpired, I’m upset about anyRead more

I can hardly believe it’s already February. But it is also exciting because after that I’ll no more have to deal with blizzards that do that to my car. I’m not really kidding I actually needed to shovel snow with my scraper because hey, who helps to keep a shovel within their car? Not really me.

I figured prior to the snow melts, I’d bring you some warm comforting meals that make your heart feel full (however, not your bellies). In an effort to stop going out to eat a lot with Tony, I whipped up this easy and delicious pasta with all the current ingredients within the I could findRead more

THE VERY BEST Apple Sharp You’ll Ever Have with brown butter, vanilla bean, + bourbon

I was inside a meals coma for an excellent 36 hours. Obviously worth it. A couple of months ago Joanna of A Cup of Jo asked me easily would develop a recipe on her behalf simple food series. Of course, I stated yes! At first I wasn’t sure which recipe I would talk about, butRead more

Grilled Chili-Lime Fish Tacos with Sour Cream Cabbage Slaw + Mango & Avocado

I think one of the most essential things in any relationship is finding a person who could make you laugh. Or who it is possible to laugh along with. I’m an enormous goofball (and quite odd), so finding somebody that understands my love of life is essential. Oh, I think I forgot to tell youRead more

I have been attempting to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies that flavor like pure extravagance, even though I’ve tested many, I have by no means quite perfected my very own recipe… as yet!

I knew I needed to create a cookie that could make anyone want to take pleasure from that exact second if they first little bit into it. They had to be a small unique as well! I don’t know about you but my ideal chocolate chip cookie is usually a little sharp on the outsideRead more

If you follow me personally on Instagram , you’ve probably seen my yoga tweets lately (#akyogachallenge). I’m dropping deeply in love with my practice and it feels absolutely incredible.

Today what’s funny is that I’m the type of person who NEEDS intensity from a good work out. Generally kickboxing and working tend to become my favorites because I love the ‘high’, uplifting feeling that originates from those cardio endorphins. What’s unusual is that I’ve found that I obtain the same feeling from my yogaRead more

Oh yessssssss. Yes I did so.

We made you more cookies made with nutella. Because isn’t it obvious I really like that chocolates hazelnut spread in, on, and stuffed in only about everything? It’s evident that I must say i love cooking you things to make your weekends happy, inspiring, and fun. Heaven understands that trashing the kitchen up on aRead more