Sometimes I look for myself in an entranced state when I cook. It’s as if I get lost in the meals; in the tastes, the smells, and occasionally just the easy pleasure that good food brings to my soul.

I also get shed pinning factors on Pinterest That is mostly just a distraction from what I’m actually trying to accomplish which is work like a normal person and get to the gym. Speaking of the gym, I’ve an update on my Big Feet/marine/professional wrestler trainer! Uhhh… he is legit crazy (yes I just statedRead more

We freaking love chili. Think about you? To me, it’s just constantly so comforting, warm, filling and hearty. YUMMMMMM.

Lately I’ve been on a real chili making binge. Can’t end, won’t stop. I cooked up two batches last week and froze one for evenings after i don’t feel like cooking or simply don’t have the time. Sometimes I work out in the evenings and by the time I reunite home my desire to startRead more

Homemade Arrabbiata Sauce with Zucchini the only real tomato sauce you’ll ever need

Confession of the day: I’m a complete enthusiast of mini foods because We consider them true treats! For example, my go-to snacks are bananas rolled in toasted almonds, grain cakes with cottage cheese and honey, or cereal with snow cold almond dairy. Oh and margaritas! Because those can be considered snacks, right? Anyhow I’m gettingRead more

I have a few exciting things to give out today!

Next! Tony and I will Cancun next week. YES! I’m delighted. We’re so thrilled to relax and revel in the warm sunlight. Seriously it’s -14 degrees out right now. You read that correct. NEGATIVE FOURTEEN. I feel like my feet might fall off. Anyway I wanted to ask if you guys have any recommendations ofRead more

Have you guys seen all of the new peanut butter tastes popping up? What a dream.

Did you know today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?! You imagine I would have got made a cookie formula but nope; you get good old healthy bran muffins. In reality, they’re actually really, excellent bran muffins! Seriously, you understand I wouldn’t rest to you. Last week I found myself craving my Grandmother’s marvelous branRead more

It had been my Mom’s birthday last week and unfortunately I couldn’t end up being with her. Living apart from your mom seems to obtain harder the older you get. Lucky for me, I’ll visit her the following month!

To create up for dropped time, I anticipate building her this stir fry and a fresh cherry pie (her favourite!). I could just imagine Mother licking the plate clean; she adores peanut sauce. Yep, becoming peanut butter fan is a family group trait. Aside from Dad, who really didn’t like anything peanut butter. LIKE WHAT?Read more

These pumpkin chocolates chip protein oat muffins are absolutely delicious! They’re made with a scoop of protein natural powder and greek yogurt to provide extra protein. Plus no refined sugars added and they are gluten free!

Look here’s the deal. It’s midnight for me (I compose these posts the night time before) and I’m therefore tired I can barely keep my eyes open up; however I guaranteed myself that I’d bring you this muffin recipe because I ate four IN ONE DAY and just understood that you’d love these as muchRead more

Oh hi! Is it possible to believe it’s already April? I CANNOT await patio season within Chicago and heading to some baseball games at Wrigley!

Lately It has been so much fun to find out everyone on trips during the weekdays and of course, the lake shore continues to be filled with people running, walking and biking. It’s nothing like running around the track within the Princess Cruise liner when it’s cruising the sea, but it’s definitely still beautiful. OfRead more

Wellness Wed is back! As much of you know, I was on vacation last week It was blissful, comforting, and just about everything I required; except when it wasn’t. Except when there were a million food choices. But specifically because it brought up food issues for me personally. It reminded me of the times where I ate a few way too many cookies (I’m talking like 6). The changing times where I felt overwhelmed by meals, the hours where it controlled what I was performing, how I produced decisions and my power of choice. Those occasions where it consumed every ounce of me. And I hated that sense a lot more than anything.

First things initial. I’ll admit I was working out constantly before my trip. As you may know, I’ve dropped 15 pounds since this past year but occasionally still feel uncomfortable with my own body. I promised myself before the trip which i wouldn’t eat crazy levels of food on holiday & most certainly I’d workRead more

We don’t eat a whole lot of Italian meals.

I understand, crazy right? I believe it is because I’m a little bit enthusiastic about all things Mexican (enchiladas, chips, guac, tacos… etc)! It’s just too good to refuse. Earlier this week though I simply acquired a craving for ravioli, lasagna, garlic bread or basically ANYTHING ITALIAN. Unfortunately all I put in my cupboard wasRead more