3 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using SleepNow

Remember that using an old one or simply a pillow can cause unique aches, including headaches and throat. The motive for this is because the spine and neck are not properly aligned. This can cause muscular soreness and strains around the region causing pain in the long run. The pain can even radiate to yourRead more

Tips creating Your Baby Look appearing A Rock Star

Although I’m approaching the utilization of protective gear from the standpoint of reducing injuries once an rrncident has happened, it can also help you avoid getting into an accident in clients. So let’s say that person on your list has absolutely everything listed above? You can absolutely never go wrong subscription and points black-jack cards.Read more


Hey everyone, Work this month has been intense, but the good news is the art for all the cards of deck is finally complete! YEY! Right now, I am completing the work on the accompanying booklet that will hold all the meanings of the cards and how to interpret them. I appreciate all of yourRead more


2 Hours until the Kickstarter closes! If you want to have the Delta Enduring Tarot deck and booklet (along with other swag) before anyone else, now is the time! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/762567073/the-delta-enduring-tarot?ref=nav_searchRead more

Help fund the printing of The Delta Enduring Tarot Deck!

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    The crowdfunding page for the Delta Enduring Tarot goes live today! By ordering your deck through Kickstarter, you not only will receive the beautiful full color 82 card deck, but you will also be helping to turn this DIY tarot into a physical reality! Click the “K” in the top right of theRead more


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III OF CAST IRONS The holy trinity of Creole cuisine–green bellpepper, spicy and crisp, its lovely bright companion, celery, and the earthy grounding force of fine garlic. They work in tandem to achieve such great things, a quality worth striving to achieve in every endeavor.Read more


Today marks the completion of 50% of the Delta Enduring Tarot! It’s been a long journey, but I am so happy to be making it with you all! -EganRead more


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Imprisonment can take on many forms– the endless self-doubt that stares back from the mirror, the insurmountable challenges of poverty, or in its most villainous form, the forced captivity of America’s people of color. #BlackLivesMatterRead more